QTP IR4000Expedited Shipping of TEK-Customized, Instrumentation Grade Regulators • Another Exciting Addition to our Value-Added Service Program

Need regulators up to 4,000 psi? Need custom regulators? Need regulators quick? Our Quick Turn Program provides expedited shipping of customized, Parker IR4000 instrumentation grade regulators, with shipment as needed to avoid inventory carrying costs.

  • Configure regulators with gauges, a CGA, a relief valve and an outlet valve, meeting most applications up to 4,000 psi
  • One-day customizable in more than 13,000 configurations for the greatest process optimization


For new or upgraded analytical instruments requiring regulators with higher pressures for more critical applications in the following areas:

  • LNG
  • Specialty gases
  • R&D laboratories
  • Analytical shelters requiring the mixing and blending of chemicals and gases


To learn  more about the QTP program contact our sales team today!

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