Sterile molded filling assemblies from AdvantaPure© continue the shift to Single-Use processes that save time and reduce the risk of cross-contamination while increasing productivity between batches.

  • Assemblies are provided sterilized and ready to use
  • Made from AdvantaSil™ platinum cured silicone or weldable and sealable AdvantaFlex® TPE
  • Molded junctions reduce the risk of leaks or entrapment
  • Documented quality control; lot traceable with identification on polybags
  • Custom designed for filling vials or syringes
  • Meets various ISO and USP standards, including USP Class VI
  • AdvantaSil and AdvantaFlex have Drug Master Files with U.S. FDA (#26598 and #28810)
  • Tubing validation and extractables portfolios available upon request
  • AdvantaPure’s multiport Tri-Clamp® design reduces potential leak points, minimizes holdup volume and provides seamless flow.